DIY Softbox

1st. Get a Mosquito food cover like this one:

 2nd. Dismantle this thing, will look like this:

3rd. Remove and save the little attachments. Take them away carefully:

4th. We need to replace that blue net with some reflective material,
Cut some waterproof fabric, of the same shape and size of the original material. And also cut a withe translucent piece of fabric of the size of the rectangle.

5th. Here comes the hard part.
Sew this parts and make them fit in the metal frame, very carefully because it´s not really strong, but it´s very flexible.

6th. When the sewing is done, put back those little attachments, glue them with "GLUE GUN".

7th. It´s now ready to rearm the food cover thingie, with the new fabric, it´s starting to look like a softbox.

8th. Almost done, let´s put some velcro to attach the filter:

9th. Cut a hole for the flash, and will look like this.

10th. Attach the withe fabric, and The Softbox is Ready!

Looks pretty good, right?
And the best of it? It folds nicely!

Ok, and Now, The setup for the final Picture:

Well, and here´s the Picture of my great model "Bowie", Love the catchlights!

Lighting info: 
Sunpak Auto 30 at 1/4 power into DIY Softbox, at camera´s left.
Fired By CTR-301

3 comentarios:

  1. This is AWESOME!

    I just need to know What type of material you used.

  2. What is the reflective material that you used, because it looks like the ones they use on reflectors and stuff

  3. Yep I have to agree. What fabric are you using?